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$399 Websites?

Have you seen these advertisements? We have and the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. With many of these solutions, you will get a cookie cutter design with limited ability to make changes without additional charges. Your $399 website is now $3,000 and still not the way you wanted it.

Cheap websites make you look cheap. Rarely do you see a cheaply made website that doesn't look generic and boring. Your website is a reflection of you and your organization. If it looks like you skimped on your website, clients may wonder if you'll skimp on them.

What are your expectations?
Before deciding on who will design your website and before you simply make your decision based on cost, you should know a little bit about the process and what you will get for your money.

There are many aspects to designing a good website which go far beyond just the price. If you are looking to build a new website or improve your current website, you owe it to yourself to evaluate our services. At Custom Design Software, you can be confident that you will get the best website for your business at a fair, affordable, and competitive cost. Your website sends a message to your clients, your colleagues and your community. Why not send the best message you can afford?

Contact us today using the form to your left or simply give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!